Fishing in Kona Hawaii
Cherry Pit II

Specializing in Deep Sea Fishing, Live Bait, Fresh Bait and Trolling Handmade Lures

Fishing in Kona, Hawaii

Cherry Pit II

$295 Half Day (4 hrs)

$495 Full Day (8 hrs)

These prices are not per person and cover up to 4 passengers. 
You wont find a better deal!  Plus tax and gratuity

Capt. Bobby Cherry is one of few owner operator's and runs Cherry Pit II single handed( No Deckhand).  Which puts you in more of the action.  This allows for the best priced charter boat in the Kona Harbor!

The 170 horse power Volvo diesel is very efficient and does not smoke.  You will not smell any exhaust fumes I guarantee it! 

Call: Capt. Bobby Cherry

Fishing Hawaii

Fishing in Kona Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to go deep sea fishing Kona.  The waters off the Big Island are warm, calm and very deep.  All these variables make Hawaii fishing more productive than almost anywhere.  The deep water ledges off the Kona coast start to drop off immediately.  No running for miles and wasting precious fishing in Kona Hawaii.  Start fishing minutes from the Kona Harbor.  More granders have been caught within five miles of the Kona Harbor than anywhere along the Kona coast.  Capt. Bobby Cherry has been fishing these waters his entire life and knows them like the back of his hand.  Experience is what it takes to fish in Kona Hawaii.  If you are serious about catching Kona fish let an experienced captain show you through all the ledges and drop offs.  It takes many years to learn where to fish and when to fish while sport fishing in Kona.  You don't need a big luxury sport fishing yacht to fish these waters.  A 28 foot charter boat will fish same as a 40 footer.  That's what makes the Cherry Pit II so perfect.  The right boat for the right price.


$295 Half Day (4 hrs)

$495 Full Day (8 hrs)

These prices are not per person and cover up to 4 passengers. You wont find a better deal!  Plus tax and gratuity

Fish Policy
I always try to share the fish we catch with my clients.
Mahimahi, Ono and small tuna I'm usually fine with filleting up.  The bigger Tuna and fish worth money will stay with the boat.  I always try to get my clients fish they can enjoy while here on vacation.  I can't afford to give it all away, that's one reason I can offer such a competitive rate,

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Kona Fishing Terms

Fishing in Kona Hawaii, sport fishing Kona, deep sea fishing Kona, Kona sport fishing all mean the same thing.  Deep sea fishing Kona doesn't mean bottom fishing, it refers to the depth of water we fish in kona.  Sport fishing Kona refers to rod and reel fishing for sport.  All charter boats usually fish the same way, so really every sport fishing kona charter boat has the same odds at finding these kona fish.

Marlin (A'u), Tuna (Ahi), Dolphin Fish (Mahimahi), Wahoo (Ono)


  • Always fish with an owner operator. They will work the hardest to find you fish. 
  • Fish with the Captain you can make a connection with.
  • If you want any of the Kona fish you catch make sure you arrange that before your charter.
  • Don't rent a boat on your own, hire an experienced Captain to lead you to your trophy Kona fish.
  • Ask Questions! 

Cherry Pit II

$295 Half Day (4 hrs)

$495 Full Day (8 hrs)

These prices are not per person and cover up to 4 passengers. You wont find a better deal!  Plus tax and gratuity


"No, we aren't trolling too fast"

"Kona fish are excellent on the grill"

"Deep sea fishing Kona is not bottom fishing"

"No, we are not going around the entire island"

"Kona fish doesn't have Salmon on the list"

"The Kona Harbor is bigger than you think"

"You never know when that grander's going to show while fishing in Kona Hawaii"

"Kona Hawaii fishing can be boring with incredible moments of excitement"

"Yes all the lures run on the surface while deep sea fishing kona, even in 6000 feet of water"

"Yes Kona fish hit lures that close to the boat"

"At any given second you could be hooked to a fish of a life time while fishing in Kona Hawaii"

"You don't need a big boat to catch big fish while fishing in Kona Hawaii"

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